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Volkssporting, simply defined, is a family-oriented sports and recreation program offering noncompetitive walks, hikes, bike rides and swims, and in some regions cross-country skiing and roller or ice skating. You may choose your time to start within the start/finish "window" and participate in the sport at your own pace.

When was the last time you enjoyed our land from the ground up? Volkssporting provides this opportunity every day of the year all across our magnificent country. Through its unique noncompetitive, fun-filled program of sporting activities, you can experience the beauty and history of our land. You can visit the small country town left almost forgotten by the development of our Interstate Highway system. You can visit our major cities or enjoy national and state parks or the quiet beauty of an abandoned railroad line. You can see the special beauty of our beaches, our mountains, our plains and deserts...All yours through volkssporting.

Volkssporting in the United States is sponsored by the American Volkssport Association (AVA) which has over 550 active clubs presenting thousands of volkssporting events each year.

Promoting physical fitness and good health by providing safe exercise in a stress-free environment is the hallmark of volkssporting. Walking -- also called "volkswalking" -- is the most popular of all the volkssporting activities. The walks are generally 10 km. (6.2 miles) in length and the routes are either marked or guided by a leader. The Tucson club generally offers a 5 km. option for participants who are physically or medically unable to complete the longer walks. Also, any of the routes may be repeated for additional distance for the IVV distance awards. The other volkssporting activities offered by the Tucson club are biking and swimming. Some clubs around the country also offer cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, roller skating, and ice skating events. All events are noncompetitive with you, the volkssporter, choosing the sport, the distance and the pace.

Volkssporting events take place throughout the year, all around the country. Historic and scenic sites are selected for your enjoyment. Trails are carefully laid out and marked, or where marking is not permitted, easy to follow directions or maps are provided. Ratings of 1 to 5 (the most difficult) are given to trails based upon the challenge the trail presents. The designated Start Point is open for seveal hours to allow you to begin your volkssporting adventure at your leisure. Trails have checkpoints along the route and are patrolled frequently for your security and safety. In the volkssporting tradition, you will frequently find volkssporters gathered at the Finish Point where they take time to enjoy friends, and at some events, entertainment or food and drink.

Volkssporting events are open to everyone. Local club or national membership is not required. There is no cost involved unless you want to take part in the Achievement Awards Program or receive the special award or memento for an event. Here are step-by-step instructions for locating and participating in volkssport events.

NEW WALKERS: get started on the right foot by obtaining a "New Walker's Packet". You may join the American Volkssport Association through its Volkssports Associates Program.

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